Texas Eastern 9-1-1 Network has certain requirements that must be met prior to issuing a new 9-1-1 address or verifying an established 9-1-1 address. Please carefully complete the appropriate form and submit.


In order to obtain a 9-1-1 address, you must have the following:

  1. Driveway (does not have to be the finished product)
  2. Dirt pad (ready to be formed up)
  3. Meter Pole in the ground with the box on it (Must be close to where pad will be. Must be ready to be hooked up to electricity.)

Please Note: In subdivisions you must be able to supply the lot number, block number, unit and/or phase number.

New Address Request

Please make sure that you have read the requirements for an address before requesting one.


3 + 2 =

Verify An Existing Structure

Please fill out the form below to receive a 9-1-1 address for an existing structure.
(All Fields Required)

13 + 13 =

Please Note: When requesting an address in writing you must provide the verification information.

City Addressing

The following cities have opted to do their own addressing. Please contact them for your address.

  • Hallsville
  • Henderson
  • Kilgore
    903-984-5081 x 4113
  • Longview
  • Marshall
  • Mt. Enterprise
  • Overton
    903-834-3145 x 226
  • Waskom